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For Advanced Fingerstyle Guitarists

Todd Corcoran is an American guitarist who writes songs which merge his songwriting roots with his formal classical training. For many years his music has uniquely embraced the wonderfully versatile and expressive nature of the guitar. And now, in this collection of twenty-six original compositions, he shares his most played and beloved songs with you. TODD CORCORAN’S FINGERSTYLE GUITAR SONGS, SET ONE are for advanced fingerstyle guitarists who like to sing songs. Written in both standard notation and tablature these complete, authoritative guitar and vocal transcriptions are exactly what those who love to play the guitar have been waiting for!

26 Songs Included

Americans • Another Day • Come Back To Me • Days Go And The Wind Blows • Folk Song • The Grateful Song • Gray Gray Days • Hear The Lonesome Cries • I've Seen Better Days • I’m Doing Okay • It Looks Like It's Going To Rain • Lah Dee Dah Dee Dum • Music Box • Must Be In The Water • North Dakota • Prelude #1 In C Major, For Wendy • A Simple Song • Something's Crying For You • Sometimes • Somewhere Along The Way • Take It Slow • To Be With You • Waiting On A Miracle • We All Need Something To Believe • We're Already Here • Where Do I Go Now

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